The West is In...We Hope...!

BC has the best climate, the best scenery, the best fishing, the best people and we are no longer surrounded by liberals ..for the moment.  The Canada conservatives which may turn out more moderate and less conservative and the BC liberals (whom most of us voted for because let's face it: the only alternative was the Marijuana Party) which has turned out to be very conservative!.

boot martin

Will accountability deal with corruption?

An New Era of Error for BC
Who me corrupt?

What Corruption?

Now is your chance to tell us what you think of your government.
Will it be accountable instead of corrupt?
Will the conservatives be more liberal minded than our very conservative liberal provincial party?
Will Stephen Harper follow election promises?
Will he stay in power or will we get the liberals back?
What about health, education, social services, the elderly?
Join our Forum and state your opinion!
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Give them loads of cash Donate to liberals?
Hasn't he taken enough?
All these 'donations!'  Isn't this wonderful?See what we mean: it's just take take take.
Why do we take this?
We already proved that we are not stoned by voting for Campbell or did we?
Any suggestions?
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